The Inimitable Halston

I will be giving a lecture at the Des Moines Art Center, October 9, 2014 | 6:30 pm


“The Inimitable Halston” examines Halston’s revolutionary designs from the Ultrasuede shirtdress to the jumpsuit, as well as look at his significant contribution to today’s culture of fashion. The Museum at FIT has a significant repository of Halston garments and is a lender to the exhibition Halston and Warhol: Silver and Suede at the Des Moines Art Center (September 19 – Janaury 18). The lecture is based on an essay featured in the exhibition catalogue.

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Fashion journalist Lou Stoppard interviewed me for Showstudio’s new series: ‘Ugly’. Inspired by the deliberate awkwardness visible on high fashion runways in recent years, SHOWstudio unpicks certain designers’ fascination with pushing the boundaries of taste and redefining luxury using prints, fabrics and motifs that have connotations of vulgarity, cheapness, garishness or kitsch.

I think whenever you have designers who are exploring something that’s significantly new it’s going to look for, the most part, strange and possibly ugly at first. So when Poiret started doing some of his early designs at the beginning of the twentieth century, when he was designing for the house of Worth, people were horrified by them, and thought, ‘what are these ugly experiments?’

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Fashion School 101

Harpers Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar interviewed me about fashion academia, internships, my PhD thesis & many other topics.

Here’s the intro to the article and the full interview is here:

Academics like thinking of themselves as disembodied brains. Valerie Steele, however, was one of the first and remains—arguably—the foremost scholar to pay attention to bodies and how we dress them. Of course, she is the chief curator of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, founder and editor of the definitive peer-reviewed journal on fashion—Fashion Theory: The Journal of Dress, Body & Culture—and the author of a dozen books about fashion and its manifold meanings. We didn’t even have to consult our address book before calling upon Steele to illuminate the current condition of fashion education—where more courses are cropping up, but few ways exist to professionally apply an intellectual, critical interest in fashion. Here, Steele reveals the recent history of fashion scholarships and her role in making us take clothes seriously.

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On Dance and Fashion

I was recently asked to participate in a series for Another Magazine. I contributed some thoughts on the relationship between dance and fashion, the subject of my next exhibition:

Link to article

Isaac MizrahiIsaac Mizrahi’s costumes for Mark Morris’ Rite of Spring.  Photograph by Stephanie Berger.

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