Mexico City – AAMD

Here I am in Mexico City, attending my first meeting with the Association Of Art Museum Directors!!

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Noritaka Tatehana

The great Japanese shoe designer Noritaka Tatehana when he came to visit my office at The Museum at FIT!

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Valerie Steele on Dance and Fashion

Valerie Steele shares her thoughts on the relationship between dance and fashion for AnOther Magazine‘s online series AnOther Thing I Wanted to Tell You.

Of course, this show relates to our last exhibition, A Queer History of Fashion. Like many artistic fields, dance has always been more bohemian and open to people of diverse identities and sexualities. However,  the connection between ballet and gay men (either as dancers or balletomanes) is relatively recent. It seems to go back only to Nijinsky’s era. Balletomanes then knew that Nijinsky was Diaghilev’s lover. There are no known nineteenth-century gay male dancers; men mostly went to the ballet then to see women’s legs.  Dance allows for viewing the nearly naked body. But that was part of its heterosexual appeal too. Now, there is a popular image that being gay involves being literate is all kinds of art forms.

Isaac Mizrahi’s costumes for Mark Morris’ Rite of Spring Photography by Stephanie Berger

If you’d like to read a review of the exhibition Dance & Fashion you’ll find a number of links here.

And you’ll find a video tour given by me on YouTube.

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Business of Fashion 500 – 2014

Every year Business of Fashion names 500 people who shape the global fashion industry. This year I was included in the category of “Catalysts” for raising cultural awareness of fashion through my books and prominent exhibitions. You can view my profile here.

Business of Fashion 500

Many thanks to BOF for the honor!

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